to my classmate, and perhaps the rest of society as well.

Dear Classmate,

Do you really think that joking about selling your daughter into prostitution is funny? Why is the fact that blonde haired, blue eyed, little girls sell for more laughable? And I really didn’t appreciate getting told “Don’t worry, Courtney, you’re too old to get sold now” when you saw my shocked and horrified expression.


Maybe if we started taking stuff like the fact that little children (and adults too!) are forcibly and brutally raped by multiple people a day seriously we might be able to stop it.

I have to admit it, I have  laughed at rape jokes, the world hunger jokes, prostitute jokes… etc. But then I realized something kind of obvious, but something these jokes cover up. Those children are real. There ARE people literally starving to death. Prostitutes are trapped and basically slaves to their pimp. Rape is seriously traumatizing to the victims. And while this makes us uncomfortable to think of other people, and especially of other people who are suffering, we SHOULD be horrified and shocked, sad, and angry that this happens to REAL people.  Furthermore, if Mr. Einstein is right about people who sit back and watch evil happen, what does it say to those of us who make  evil into a joke?


Dietrich Bonhoeffer