Happy in Jesus

It’s been a journey.

It’s taken time- 

Of everything I know, 

of all that I’ve experienced, 

this is probably the most important,

and most life changing truth I’ve discovered. 

Be happy in Jesus.


For months, and years, I’ve wondered why I get so down, so freaking depressed. I hate it because I don’t feel like myself- instead I feel lost and like I’m in a dream continuously. Thankfully, after a long time of asking God why this is I think I have finally found my answer. I have always been trying to find something to be happy in that is outside of Jesus, outside of my Father in heaven. 


It just doesn’t work. It is literally impossible to be alive to be free or to have JOY outside of Jesus and the gospel. I’ve grown up being told that if you aren’t hearing from God it’s because your heart isn’t right, or because you’re not praying right, or because of this, that and the chicken is on fire. But the thing is- is that I can’t do any of those things myself! I can’t make my heart right before God. I can’t do ANYTHING good enough for God. Even my so called “righteousness” is like a FILTHY, DIRTY RAG before him. 

BUT GOD, God, he- designed me, he set a purpose before me, and he CHOSE me. He came to earth as a man, he lived a perfect life, he willingly laid down his life and took the wrath of the Almighty God for my sins. Out of a deep, and passionate love he picked me to be a daughter, to be a part of his Bride. 

So when I say “Be happy in Jesus” I mean.

Think. Believe, Live like the Bible is actually true. Let the Lord’s love consume your heart. Rest in HIm. Trust in Him. Give Him your life back as offering. Hold on to HIm as your source of EVERYTHING. 

Jesus Christ IS my hope! Jesus Christ IS my strength! Jesus Christ IS my love! Jesus Christ IS desire! Jesus Christ IS my righteousness! Jesus Christ IS my Husband! Jesus Christ IS my very Best Friend!  Jesus Christ IS my life! 

So I will be very, very happy in Him.

Ephesians 1:3-13