Ode to Sarah

I’ve been wanting to write something for a while now. I’ve just felt blocked because I want to write purely about pure things. I was coming up dry until  I realized my friendships are probably one of the purest things I know. So here goes a mini series of certain people who have wedged a way into my heart. The first chosen: Sarah. 


Sarah MaGharah at her finest.

Sarah MaGharah at her finest.


     You are the lover of all things quirky. The girl who buys things based on cute packaging (if it has a panda or cat= sold!) or out of plain curiosity. There is nothing off limits- no creative urge untouched. You are daring in the face of oddity and secretly courageous through your everyday life.

We would not be friends if you hadn’t pursued my friendship- if you hadn’t kept chatting with me through Facebook and listening to me rant about the injustice of the world. Thank you. Thank you so much for wanting to be my friend.

Living with you these past eight months is a treasure. I will never forget our special moments like: rushing to our 8am classes (more like 8:20 or why bother classes). Our nights of watching Adventure Time while sharing aghast looks of “Did that really just happen?!” and staying up until 2am discussing God and life. You are hilarious- making me laugh so hard I literally fall on the ground in hysteria. You are fascinating because of your slight obsession with herbal remedies (hence 20 things of tea we have). Intriguing because of your heart for Israel, talented in languages.  Frankly, you’re pretty great. 

I still find him unbelievably creepy.

I still find him unbelievably creepy.


You have stood by me through everything with a smile- forgiving every insane thing I do (like smashing vases with hammers- let’s just say it is fun and a huge stress reliever!). You have loved me in every unlovable moment. You are one of the most compassionate people I know and the ultimate sass-cat. The things that make you all the youness of you are the most beautiful things of all.  May our superhero theme song never end and our adventures last forever. Bah du ba ba baaaaa!!! I love you Miss Sarah MaGharah.


I’m a Disposable Napkin

I’m a disposable napkin

Four corners crushed full of fear

I’m bent and I’m bruised,

I wipe and I scrub- 

deteriorating along the way.

I’m a disposable napkin. 

If you squeeze tight enough

I might shed a tear.

Use me up! Throw me away!

“Disposable” is my middle name. 


Dancing Glory

Dancing Glory
hiding behind a filtered screen,
a blurry vision of something more,
a vague idea,
with large implications.
Reaching but a window,
a one-way mirror-
reflecting a torn representation of Truth
known in heart but only meeting
the outside of the mind.
To be true and fair
with full understanding
of a larger life lived
in a beautiful image
of a GREATER hope,
a dream that will someday be realized.
In a non-box reaching above
what an arm can stretch.
From the east to west
an explosion of fierce and
humbling fireworks of
the beauty of our earth’s Foundation.