People who want to change the world

I don’t know what is going to happen or where I will live and go but I breathe and move as pressure guides me to an abyss of purpose and unspeakable joy. Like cool water on what feels like a 130 degree day, I long for that sip of sweet delight, enhanced by my plight, striving to keep cool and gulp the water which brings me to life. Life to a body, exhausted by sun which keeps me inside and in shadows seeking relief in the night under stars laying on cool concrete with that a lovely summer breeze. I can breathe and move, relax and think, thanking God for the simple rightness of the day and the night.

It is the yin and the yang, the pull of the tide, blending into a seamless and silent work of art, ticking in time to the machine running this magnificent circle of life. As miracles are performed every day such as water and land feeding one to another, running through sky, sea levels and soil- we are in need of both sea and land. Remember when you felt that muddy brown soil squish between toes as you dance and laugh in the storm as a child, open your mouth to swallow tears fallen from heaven, providing plants with power to live and I walk among corn and beans with rain trickling, soaking, every centimeter of my body and the sun comes out ending my romp through the fields and the creek nearby my house and I wonder and wander as things grow green and small seeds grow sprouting beans, tomatoes, berries and bliss- but I also see them swamped or dried up from too much of one or the other.

Oh sweet love its a balance as flowers are made and thrive in the garden by the seashore, life is not found strictly in one, as one, following one path, dreaming is not so far from reality because they purge themselves into the mind of she who thinks and does. Living and breathing both one and the other- is our present not made of up two indomitable forces the past and the future pushing together as each second is uniquely marked, indelibly, into a moment that cannot be erased.

Darling, we are making history. We are the peaks of mountains declaring lofty goals and proclaiming future glory. We are the pits of volcanoes burning bright and fighting for the chance to show the world what we can do, our red hot desire too hot to be kept inside. We are the weed that cannot be tamed, but scientists will find out we end hunger.


thoughts on redemption 

That indomitable darkness fractures in light, streaming, screaming, the dawn breaks in the valley where you lay stirring as rays penetrate, demonstrate, their unwavering power of life in your cold dead body.

How strange should an orb deal so heavenly with humans.


i don’t see myself in the mirror

shallow eyes hang loosely

cables and wires bulge at my throat

frothing at cracked gates

gasping then, now slowly

i don’t see myself in the mirror

blue and black break

over bones now buried

cables and wires bulge at my throat

ignored hopes slay

the heedless quietly

I don’t see myself in the mirror

Cables and wires bulge at my throat